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Parents Watching Constantly

By June 22, 2023June 23rd, 2023No Comments

Why am I like this? Why do I constantly feel like one of my parents is watching me constantly. Like I’m a child I’m almost 16 years old and yet I’m treated like I’m 6. I need to be free and the person I would talk to is going to a different state for a few days but IDEK what to do because I don’t have time to be with my friends or anyone I that actually cares about me. Me and my parents aren’t on good terms. We don’t get along it’s like every other day there is a fight because they push and push me till I break and I start screaming. I can’t stand this anymore this house it isn’t fair to me

Help Yourself:

  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral. It must be very frustrating to feel like someone is always watching over you and like you never can have alone time.
  • Do you have any trusted adults besides your parents that you feel comfortable with to talk to about these things? How about any aunts/uncles? They may be able to help you have a conversation with your parents about this and how to move forward. They also may be able to help you understand your parents’ perspective as well. There will be many times in your life when you will not agree with others, but it is important to understand why they are behaving the way they are. This helps to see things from their perspective and work with them to achieve the goals for all involved.
  • You mentioned that you do not have time to spend with your friends or “anyone that actually cares about you”.  It probably makes you very angry or sad to feel like your parents don’t care about you. Is it possible they treat you the way they do because they do care about you? Perhaps they are trying to show they care by protecting you or placing boundaries in your life. Boundaries don’t feel good – especially at first – but later on in life you learn to understand them better and how your parents were putting them there to protect you. We don’t know all the details but is this a possibility?

Consider This:

  • You mentioned you fight with your parents a lot, to the point you start screaming. Head over to the Tools page on our website and check out Anger Map, Conflict Conversation Organizer, and Fighting Fair. These are great tools for guiding you through these angry bursts and how to organize your thoughts to navigate difficult conversations with others.
  • Next take time to look through Weekly Mood Tracker and Support Plan. These will help you recognize your different moods, what triggered them and how to identify those you have fighting for you and how they can help.
  • If you hover over the Learn tab and click on Anger Management you will find a lot of greatinformation about what may cause anger and what to do about it. Next hover over the Learn tab and select Family. This is a great reference to read through. This explains many different topics and common aspects within families that often cause conflict. I find myself referencing this when I need to clear my head before having difficult conversations with loved ones.
  • How do you express yourself, release the negative energy, or cope? Coping skills are essential for healing and growing. They help us to release the bad so we have more room for the good. Journaling is an amazing coping skill. It allows us to get it all out in a safe place only for us to see. At the bottom of the Family information sheet you found in the Learn tab, there are several great journaling questions. These questions prompt you to really think about what is going on how to learn more about the situation, look at what is going on from more than just your perspective, identify all information to move toward a solution.