Poor in a Private School

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Hi everyone my name is “E” (well not actually but still). I go to a private school. I live in Georgia and our education system is very bad… Imagine our “private school” is the same as public one in America. So you see, only my grandpa works and my dad has nicotine addiction. We pay about 300 GEL (our currency) plus I have 2 siblings, brother and sister. And our family is very badly in debt around 16,000 GEL and we can’t afford iPhone X’s and stuff like that. We never go to a vacation because it’s very expensive for us. All of my friends that are very rich have newest iPhones when I sit here with iPhone 6 … worst part is that they always hang out after school at McDonalds or somewhere like that and when they invite me I have to say no because I can’t afford to go there… and I have to lie about everything and it’s very sad… I just needed to get his off of my chest thank you.


  • Greetings from America! Thank you for reaching out to us at TeenCentral all the way from Georgia. Different places can have very different cultures and experiences and we value that. We appreciate you taking the time to share your story and know it can be difficult to be open about personal information and struggles.
  • Feeling alone or different at school because of your circumstances can be pretty normal no matter where you are from. We encourage you to visit the “Stories” tab of our TeenCentral site and read some of the experiences of others to help see that you aren’t alone. If you are at an age where you have any of your own money or take part in helping with family finances – We do have a Budget Guide under the “Tools” tab that you could also use as a resource.
  • We are happy you took the time to share with us and get things off your chest. It’s important to be able to talk to others to help process our thoughts and feelings. Do you have any trusted adults you could talk to like a family member or teacher at school?


  • Have you tried to write or journal about your feelings? It’s good to have an outlet for our thoughts and emotions so they don’t build up inside. You could write to a trusted friend about how you feel or what you are going through.
  • Think about the things that you value in a friendship. Do you look for things like trust, honesty, and treating people nicely? What are the other important things you want in a good friend? What are some things about yourself that people like about you? You might not be able to control your financial situation but what are the parts of being a good friend that you can control?
  • If you are limited financially in what you can do, can you make a list of other fun activities that you and your friends could do that don’t cost money? Getting out in nature, finding new ways to be active and creative can all be inexpensive ways to have fun.