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I came from a low income family and I have been peer pressured into doing things that I regret so much. Plus my uncle has a burning passion for men.


  • The first step to healing and moving toward a positive self awareness is admitting to the things that were directed in a mean way. Good for you for seeking out the need to improve yourself to be a better person.
  • Making amends to the past for the people that were harmed and making amends toward yourself can help in moving forward. If it is not possible to make amends face to face you can write out your amends on paper to whomever was harmed and let it go by tearing it up or burning it.
  • Maybe you can talk with a therapist or get into a self-help group so you can express and process through your past and start moving on to a more positive way of living for yourself. There are many resources on or online.
  • Now concerning your uncle who maybe gay there are many resources on and online that can help in understanding why and how you can accept him for who he is.


  • What would happen if you meet with or wrote your amends to the people and yourself about the past and let it go?
  • What would happen if you talked about your feelings with a therapist or joined a self-help group to process your feelings and start on a positive way of life for yourself?
  • What kind of research could you find on or online to understand your uncle and be supportive of him?