Should I Tell My Boyfriend That I Have Hepatitis B?

By August 3, 2017No Comments

I am 25 years old, and I have Hepatitis B. I have a boyfriend but I haven’t told him about my troubles yet. I don’t know when to tell him. I don’t know if he will leave me. I am very worried and stressed. Can anybody help me? What should I do?


  • Having hepatitis B is not an easy burden to bear. Anyone in your position would feel conflicted and confused.
  • Being totally honest about have Hepatitis B is in your and his best interests. Think about how you’d feel if the roles were reversed.
  • Maybe speaking to a close friend could help you figure out how to tell your boyfriend.
  • If you’ve already been sexually intimate with your boyfriend he should probably be tested to see if he was infected.
  • If you tell him and he leaves you, well, then he probably wasn’t the right guy for you.


  • What would happen if you discussed your situation with a trusted friend or adult about what to do?
  • What would happen if you were open and honest with your boyfriend about the situation and possibly getting tested?
  • What are some things you can do right now to take care of yourself?
  • What do you think you could find on or online for support during this difficult time?
  • How would you feel if the roles were reversed and he was keeping this secret from you?