Skin Issues are Crippling my Life

By July 26, 2018No Comments

This is kind of embarrassing to talk about but I have issues with my skin. No matter what kind of skin products I try, none of them seem to have any effect. My breakouts are in embarrassing places and usually, they don’t go away without leaving a black spot or craters in my skin. I would like to date but I am afraid of what the guy might think. He might think I have some weird disease or something. I don’t want to be made fun of. I am jealous of my sister and brother who can date freely without skin problems. I am a girl who wants to date and all, but I can’t bear it if the guy I want to date finds out or our relationship is going well only for my skin issue to ruin it. I am really at a loss for what to do. This situation is so depressing and I feel alone.

Consider this:

  • Having skin issues can be a major cause of stress or anxiety and have an extremely negative impact on one’s personal self-esteem. You are going through something that is not an easy situation to deal with and you are very strong for reaching out to seek help with this issue.
  • Try to focus on the positive relationships you have and why those people are important to you. It is exceptionally difficult to not concentrate on our own personal appearance, as we all tend to reflect about how we look. Yet it is important to remember that how you look does not define what type of person you are and what you mean to other people.
  • It may also be beneficial to see a counselor to have a deeper conversation about your skin condition and the psychological impacts it may have on your self-confidence. A counselor may be able to help you uncover other possible factors that are leading to stressors that could be worsening your skin issues.
  • Dating can be a very unnerving experience for anyone, but especially for someone who doesn’t feel very confident. You may want to try meeting new people and see how you feel. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to wait until you feel ready. When you meet the right person, they will love you for who you are and not just for your appearance.
  • If there are people in your life who are making you feel worse about your skin issues, you may want to consider removing them from your group of friends. No one should have the authority make you feel bad for your appearance.


Help yourself:

  • Who are some of the most important people to you? Why are they important?
  • Who is someone you could talk to about your fears and concerns?
  • Where are the local counselors in our area?
  • What are some way you could meet people without feeling embarrassed about your skin issues?
  • Are there any other stressors that could be increasing your anxiety or depression?
  • Are there any toxic people in your life?