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I feel like I am stuck in my own head all the time. I have anxiety but I can’t tell my parents for fear of them telling me that “it’s just thoughts” or “it’s not real.” I told a couple close friends but I can tell that I am scaring one of them because I am around him more he gets to see it more than the other one. He tells me to stop talking/thinking like that because I tell him what is on my mind. He can’t help me anymore than he is because he has a girlfriend (as it is very obvious that I need a hug) and I am seeing the counselor at school but I am too scared to tell her what I am really thinking. I also have had thoughts of cutting but always “chicken out” because a) I told my friend I wouldn’t do anything stupid (I actually promised) and b) I have cut myself on accident shaving my legs and that hurts like hell.

I need help!

Things To Do First:

  • Thank you sharing your story with Teen Central. It can be challenging to share your feelings and to ask for help. You are very brave for doing so. Please continue to confide in others and ask for help, especially if you are feeling unsafe. Your feelings of anxiety are not something you have to face on your own!
  • It can be difficult to explain your feelings of anxiety and these feelings can cause various responses within your body systems. Anxiety is not something you can just ignore or ‘get over’. There are many resources on the Teen Central site that you may find helpful. Under the “Learn” tab and you will find a section on “Anxiety”. This tabe will direct you to things called coping skills. These things are super important to help manage these overwhelming feelings. Click here to learn more. Under the “What’s New” tab there is a blog titled “Calm Your Breathing – Anxiety Help”.
  • You have done the right thing by talking to trusted friends. Is there a trusted adult you can talk to? Maybe your school counselor, teacher, or neighbor. It can be difficult to talk about your feelings, but doing so is vital. Releasing your thoughts and feelings can lead to you feeling much better. It can also help ensure you remain safe.

Things To Do Later:

  • Who we are around can affect your overall mood. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and who can help lift you up. Be active with them – go for a walk, play a game, or just do something fun. Check in with your friends often, especially if you are feeling unsafe or anxious.
  • Journaling could be an outlet to help you release the thoughts and feelings you have been experiencing. You could write what you are thinking and feeling when you feel anxious. This could help you “release” those feelings and process them. It could also help you identify what causes feelings of anxiety or help explain your feelings of anxiety to a trusted adult.
  • Anxiety can be difficult mentally and physically. Finding ways to help you cope is important. What activities help you feel calm and relaxed? This could be doing yoga, deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, or going for a walk. If you need suggestions there are several on the site under “Tools”. Try different things and stick to whatever works best. You got this!