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Summer Lost

By June 8, 2023No Comments

This summer I……

feel so lost like at the house i live in i live with my siblings grandparents and parents and i seem to fight with just about everyone except my grandparents. Ive lost just about all of my family none of them want a thing to do with me even my favorite cousin. Im not allowed to see my boyfriend or his family so ive lost my actual home. He doesnt go to school with me till mid year next year maybe.I just dont know what to do i just wanna runaway or leave with my boyfriend theres places we can go its just the fact were 15 and mentally and financially unstable. But his parents will always help me they said if i need help. I love them and they love me. But while im at this house i feel so lost.

Help Yourself:

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us at TeenCentral! It must be very scary to feel lost in a home with your family. Take a deep breath, hold it, now release it. Here at TeenCentral we will do our best to share resources with you that may be helpful along this journey you are on.
  • Ask yourself, “How are my relationships with those I love with?” “What can I do to strengthen them?” Start my navigating to our “Family” section under the Learn tab on our website. Here you will find a lot of information to help guide you through difficult conversations with family members and strengthen those relationships.
  • Take time to really look through our Tools page. On this page you will find many activity sheets to better guide you such as, Support Plan and Conflict Organizer. These will aid in identifying your triggers, who you have in your corner, and how to work through conflict/conversations with others.

Consider This:

  • What do you do to help yourself work through these feelings? What are your coping skills/hobbies? What do you enjoy doing with your time that makes you happy? Coping skills are hobbies &/or activities we enjoy doing that help us work through challenging moments/times during our lives. Some include, journaling, singing/playing or writing music, art’s & crafts, painting, sewing/crocheting, exercise and even simply being outside in nature.
  • It is important to acknowledge these activities and utilize them whenever possible, especially when feeling down or upset. Exercise is a great option. Whether it being a work out routine, playing sports, or just going for a walk/hike or run. Exercise triggers our brains to make more happy juices and they make it easier to hold our heads up high through these tough times and work through them.
  • Journaling is another great option. Journaling allows us to put all our thought our on paper for our eyes only. This makes it much easier to organize these thoughts, look at them objectively, and develop a plan for our next steps.
  • Growing up is scary and tough for everyone. Sometimes, adults forget what it is like. Our minds and bodies start introducing new things to us and we don’t always know how to navigate through it all. Remember that empty time is dangerous for all minds, no matter the age. Fill that time with these activities. Learn something new. Go exploring. Find things in your every day life that are joyful and bring happiness. It will make these years happier and will help when facing each challenge along the way.