They Are Ur “Friend” Until Something Happens

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I have been gong through friend problems , i used to be friends with these girls but we arent friends anymore but i have made some new friends but one of them told a rumor to the people im not friends with anymore and its spread around so much and i have cried like 4 times.


Things you can do right now:

  • Thanks for sharing your story with us at TeenCentral. We are sorry that you have had some changes in your friendships and that a rumor was spread about you. These things may certainly cause you to feel sad. Please know you are not alone! Navigating friendships is something that can be challenging. You have shown strength and courage by reaching out for help.
  • TeenCentral has some really good learning resources that may help you with some decisions you make about these relationships. Please visit the LEARN tab and explore our sections on RELATIONSHIPS. In this area of the website you can expect to learn some new information about some of what you are experiencing.
  • There is always someone to listen. Just visit the HELP tab on TeenCentral and use one of the 24/7, 365 hotlines available there. One of the best for you is probably the CRISIS TEXT LINE. Just text “HELLO” to 741741 and start a conversation or visit to talk to someone live.
  • Who else can you talk to? Is there a trusted adult you can talk to? Maybe a relative, teacher, or guidance counselor? Talking about your feelings instead of letting them build up is important. Sometimes our feelings build and cause us to feel worse. By talking to someone about your feelings, you may feel better. This person could also assist you with navigating relationships that may be unhealthy.

Things to do later:

  • True friends don’t spread rumors. You may want to reconsider this relationship. Is it a relationship you want to keep or not? Do you want to have a conversation about the rumor with your “friend”.  It is important to think of pros and cons, before making a final decision. This may be a tough decision. Click here for a tool called “Making Hard Decisions” that may help.
  • Maintaining friendships, breakdowns in relationships, and life happenings can be taxing on us. Being hurt by a friend can cause a lot of emotions. How do you take care of yourself? What makes you happy? Or, what makes you feel better when you feel upset/sad? This may be an activity, a place, or maybe even a person. Surrounding yourself with things that make you feel better or make you happy can not only lift your mood, but may also help you from shutting down and ultimately feeling worse.