This Site Helped Me As a Teen

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I”m not a teen anymore but this sight helped me as a teen. On days I felt alone and confused as to why things happened the way that they did. Years later i’m doing okay still here. I’m an adult now still living at home for personal reasons. This year been hard on me. Watching my parents fall apart physically from getting old over time. We lost both of my grandparents within months apart which changed the routine of my family. We gotten smaller. Now i’m told we will have to move from my childhood home. Parents want to live in a high rise. But want my sister and I live together on my grandparents property. I”m okay with that but sister is not. But We all have to adapt! God help us. Any advice. A big change is so strange to us.


  • Thank you for reaching out and letting us know we helped you when you were a teen! We really appreciate that you thought of this site years later and came back to check in.
  • Life changes – moving, death, births, anniversaries. These big events in our lives are sometimes very sad, sometimes very happy. But they are all change. Change can get really overwhelming, especially when the changes you’re experiencing feel like they’re destabilizing things that you’ve depended on for a long time – like a family home, family members, etc. If it ever feels like too much to deal with, besides the people in your life, you can ALWAYS reach out to 1-800-273-8255 day or night and talk with someone. If you don’t want to call, you can text HELLO to 741741 or go on the computer to


  • You’re certainly dealing with a lot of change – and yes, all kinds of change is strange and can be really overwhelming. Social service agencies for the elderly may be able to help with the arrangements for your parents to move if you need it. Contact your local county agency and ask for the Department of Aging (it may be called different things in different places). You may be able to find some of the help you need there. Also, you may want to consider engaging a lawyer since it sounds like you’ll have some property exchanges to deal with in the near future. GOOD LUCK and TAKE CARE!