Tomorrow is Definitely Going to be Interesting

By January 13, 2022No Comments

Our senior year stunt…
My best friend and I attend the same high school and have the almost unique distinction of being in all the same classes together. So, we’ve decided to show up to school tomorrow handcuffed to each other, just for the sake of seeing how difficult it’ll be to spend an entire day like that and to see how our classmates and teachers react. If any of the latter tell us we have to take them off, we plan to say we lost the keys. 🙂
Yeah, tomorrow’s definitely gonna be interesting, lol! No idea how this’ll play out, but we’re gonna do it anyway. Please wish us luck!


  • It seems like you are at a bit of a crossroads right now. We appreciate when youth write in and share stories as we are a resource for prevention and intervention, often offering resources for those who are going through unique, and sometimes really tough challenges. It sounds as if you are amidst a potentially impactful choice right now.
  • There is no right or wrong way of feeling when you are dealing with the pressures of youth, developing personality, and trying to find your place in the world. You may want to look at our What’s New tab at the post, “Killing Boredom and Staying Occupied”. Sometimes, idle time leads us down a dark path and this story may give you some positive outlets for when you feel that you do not have other options.
  • There is a great way to think through some problem solving with the acronym, SODAS. We encourage you to find a supportive adult, family friend, positive influence to help you talk through the current Situation, all potential Options/Outcomes, Disadvantages of each, Advantages of each, and finally; settle on a Solution that considers the implications of your choices.


  • Check out our TOOLS tab and enjoy our information about “Making Hard Decisions” to help you think things through further when you have a moral choice to make.
  • Consider building your natural support system with positive people or giving back in a way that promotes healthy society as this will bring in positive attention, enhance moral development, and minimize boredom. Consider joining a sports team, STEM club, band, or trying a new art class. Think about volunteer work such as Habitat for Humanity. These will all tap into your natural creativity without any negative repercussions.
  • Lastly, consider that others often judge us based on what they see rather than what we meant. While your intent may be to have a good laugh, others might have quite a different perception of the same situation. It sounds like you have an important moral decision to make, that can impact your life as well as others. We hope you seek to surround yourself with positive people and healthy choices in this new year.