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I’m so traumatized because I’m starting to have flashbacks and also ticking so bad I think from anxiety, or Idk i’m wanting to give up and quit my depression and overwhelmness and pressureness. Home life sucks and school life to. I get in trouble everyday with feeling tearable of myself because I’m sabotaging myself and feeling not worthy or I can’t do anything right in this world maybe the world is telling me something about myself but even hospitals help a little but I’m not allowed to go back to any because of my situation I’m in. I try to look for the positive everyday. My trauma state of mind is getting bad I have not had trauma therapy in 2 years. Please support me I tell other people how I feel they never believe me thinking i’m just pulling stupid stunts, and never believe me no one from school,home,and family,and other people are all against me. I can’t socialize right I get kids mad without knowing when they are mad also they do things more harmful to themselves and others and I get blamed for it all. Hotlines not in use no one I mean no one cares. Maybe going to 13 hospitals for mental health is making me psychopath. I can’t wish and pray for help but I can’t feel numb and depressed,annoyed,mad,anxiety.



  • Hello there! It must feel so lonely and even scary sometime to feel like no one care or can help! Thank you so much for trusting TeenCentral to share with you the resources we have to offer!
  • You mentioned that no one ever believes you, not even your family or at school, Have you tried speaking with your Guidance Counselor at school? Guidance Counselors are always a great option and have knowledge to many resources in your community from Support Groups to Doctors and even local Activities and Events.
  • You said, “Hotline not in use”, have you ever tried the National Suicide Hotline? They are available 24/7 at their website, or by calling 988 from your phone.  Counselors are available to help and their website offers many resources to educate yourself and to providers & professionals all over. Another great option is the Crisis Textline. The Crisis Textline is also available 24/7 by visiting their website at or by testing the word “HOME” to 741741. Their website also offers plenty of resources and education and even a chat feature through their website. They are also available on WhatsApp!
  • Always keep in mind that not everyone is for everyone. Finding a counselor or trusted person to talk to is sometimes the hardest part of the healing process. You may need to reach out a few times before you find someone that you work well with and truly feel safe and comfortable talking to. This is ok, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with out. Perhaps you just haven’t found the perfect fit yet.
  • Think about those whom are in your life, who do you have that you feel you can talk to and trust? Any teachers? How about any coaches, older cousins, aunts/uncles or other family members? Have you tried talking to your doctorDoctors are also a great option! They have unlimited resources and always listen to the patient to better help them, even when it seems no one else will.



  • Knowledge is Power! Head over to the Learn section on our website. Here you can learn all about things such as DepressionFamily, Relationships, and overall Wellness including things such as the benefits of Being Active, Relaxation, and Spirituality.
  • Once you are done in the Learn section, head over to the Tools page on our website. Start with Support Plan. Support Plan is a worksheet that can help you identify your triggers, symptoms, coping skills, and who you have fighting along side of you in your corner. The Support Plan worksheet works very well with the Weekly Mood Tracker to help you better identify your moods and what may have triggered them.
  • Other great options on our Tools page is the Apology Tool, Good Friend/Toxic Friend, and Conflict Organizer. These activity sheets may better help you when talking with friends and family to help you organize your thoughts and feelings and what you want to say to better express and explain yourself and lead to healing within your relationship and to overall happier and more positive interactions.
  • What are your Coping Skills? Have you ever really sat back and thought about this? Coping Skills are more than deep breathing and journaling (however they are great tools to have in your toolbox). Coping Skills are things you enjoy doing, especially during empty times of the day. Consider things such as arts & crafts, building small projects to keep you mind and body occupied and sharp. Playing, writing, or even listening to music is amazing therapy. Exercise is an amazing Coping Skill! Exercise causes the body and brain to produce and release happy juices inside. This promotes more positivity, healthier life style, and overall naturally feeling better. Exercise can be anything from walking/running, to gym workouts, or even joining a sports team at school or your local community center.
  • When you are really feeling down or struggling inside, remember that even though you may feel like you are, but you are not alone. There is always help out there and others who may be feeling or experiencing situations similar to you. You just haven’t found them yet. Stay strong like you did when you reached out to us here at TeenCentral and you will achieve anything! Best wishes to you!