Try to Be Strong

By June 23, 2020No Comments

I’ve been through similar things and some different [to others who have written on this site]. I was poor till age 7, I was in foster care for 5 years. I was abused by my bio parents (i’m adopted). I tried to kill myself in 2018. I can’t say I get what [others on this site have] gone through. I’m not a praying person but I will try my best to pray and I hope [those who are struggling]  get through it. I will tell you that things will become reminders and some things will hurt, but try to be strong for your family and most importantly yourself.


  • This is what the Teen Central COMMUNITY is all about. Thank you for offering support through this post, it can sometimes feel that we put ourselves out there into the world, and we wonder who is actually listening.
  • We sincerely hope that by sharing this message we are sharing a reminder that you are not alone in whatever struggles you are currently facing, and that there is ALWAYS someone to help you. If you are ever feeling alone, helpless, hopeless, or that you may be at risk for danger please use the resources on the Help section of this site. There are textlines, hotlines, and websites with people just like us who are there to help you stay safe and get help.


  • Is there someone around you that you trust with your story? Sharing your story can not only make you feel heard and supported, but may invite someone else to open up about something they are struggling with. Give it a try! What could you gain from sharing with someone?
  • Take some time for yourselves today, check out some of our self-care resources and remind yourself that you are important, you are loved, and you will get through what you’re currently enduring.