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Why Do I Hurt Others?

By March 23, 2022March 25th, 2022No Comments

hiya im just going to ramble because i literally have zero clue what this is going to turn into, please bare with me

i think my habit of hurting people is literally becoming addicting. for context, i used to self-injure and i haven’t done it in 10 months, so it might be my new coping mechanism for it?

i’m aware hurting others is extremely wrong, but a part of me just genuinely doesn’t care anymore. like, why should i care? it’s just people, they’ll get over it. if they don’t? not my problem. it’s ruined my social life, and quite possibly, probably what little work life i have. oddly, i like it though. people are kind of agitating, anyways.

i WOULD get therapy, but i just feel that i don’t need it? i mean, i could get it for anger issues, but i feel that therapists don’t understand. they’re getting paid to pretend to give a damn about whatever you’re saying. none of them probably went through this, and i’m just not willing to sit there, scroll, and find out which have and which haven’t.


  • It must be very confusing to have these feelings you do! Thank you so much for giving us a chance here at TeenCentral! Just know that we hear you and will help to guide you to the next steps of your healing.
  • Have you ever spoken to any close family or friends that you trust about your history of self-injury or your current struggles with anger? How about any coaches or teachers?
  • The urge to hurt other people is as concerning and important as the urge to hurt oneself. You may have a long journey towards healing ahead of you working with someone you can trust. But in the meantime you may need someone that you can talk to in an emergency. If you ever feel like you’re really going to hurt somebody, like hurt someone badly, we want you to contact the Crisis Textline. Just text 741741 and start a conversation. There are people available 24 hours a day seven days a week, every day of the year, and they handle all types of crises. Don’t do something that you’re going to regret, or something that could ruin your life. Instead reach out when you’re having these urges somebody.
  • Consider going to see a professional therapist. Many others have similar thoughts that professional therapists don’t truly care and are “only listening because that is what they are paid to do”. This is perfectly normal and quite common. Not every therapist works for everyone. Sometimes it may take meeting with a few different therapists before you find the right fit. There is nothing wrong with this. Don’t give up. The first pair of pants you try on in the store doesn’t always fit perfectly. Remember you are the customer. You can hire a therapist that does seem to really have your best interests at heart, and fire the therapists that don’t seem genuine and sincere.


  • Our website has many options and resources that can be helpful to you. While you are visiting next time, take a few minutes to explore these options. Take some time and look through the What’s  New tab. Here you will find plenty of blog posts that cover so many different topics. These blogs offer a lot of advice and discussion pertaining to many different situations and circumstances that exist.
  • There are many great ways to release emotions, especially anger. Perhaps keeping your hands busy with tedious projects such as small wood crafts, building birdhouses, exercise/athletics, or learn a new instrument. Playing music is a great release and an even better way to express yourself. I find playing the drums to be a great way to release anger and energy.
  • You can find many guides, worksheets, and information to help you on our website. Take some time to check out our Tools  tab and Learn tab to read more about these things such as, anger management, being active,  relaxation, self injury, music, social skills,  and strength training.