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Worried about Virginity

By July 4, 2017No Comments

I am a virgin and I do not want to be a virgin.


  • You are a virgin, but for you are not happy with your current situation. Reaching out to talk is a good first step.
  • Some people feel that virginity is something to be ashamed of, or to dislike.  However, please think about why you do not want to be a virgin.  Perhaps you have friends who tell you that virginity at your age is an embarrassment.  Perhaps you are in love with someone and feel that the time is right.  Perhaps you just want to see what all the hype is about.  Careful consideration of your options and the consequences is important when thinking about sex.  Having sex can lead to consequences, some of which are unpleasant.  Be smart about your choices and why you are making them.
  • Consider writing down your reasons for wanting to lose your virginity and comparing it to a list of reasons why you should not.
  • Talking to someone you trust about this may also be helpful.  You could go on Teencentral and read other stories from who are talking about relationships and sexuality. Again, finding out what others think and feel may help you think about your own reasons.
  • Also, think about whether there is an older relative or friend who you trust that you can discuss your reasoning with.  Remember, it may seem as if losing your virginity is an important goal right now, but in reality, for you, it may not be the right choice at this time.
  • You might also consider going on the TeenCentral sexuality page to read more important information about having sex.


  • What would it be like to write all of the reasons why you do not want to be a virgin and all of the benefits of waiting?
  • If you had a friend in a similar situation, what would you advise them to do?
  • Who are some safe and trusted adults you could talk to about this?