100% Anonymous

By May 18, 2021No Comments

Is this 100 percent anonymous?


It can be difficult and even scary to share personal information to complete strangers. Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral.

  • Yes, the TeenCentral community is a place you may seek refuge and stay anonymous.
  • We encourage our readers and those that seek guidance not to share personal contact information. Even when they do share a name, or other identifying piece of information, we take that out of that story so that no one else can see it and identify them. We do this to protect everyone from bullies, aggressors and predators.

I believe you will find a lot of useful information on our site.

  • You might want to browse around and take a peak at everything TeenCentral has to offer.
  • Perhaps then you will have a better understanding to your next approach.
  • Collect your thoughts and reach out to us again, real soon.

There are many caring people here for you to reach out to, hope to hear from you again. We are hear to listen.