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Physical abuse & rape & experience.

Consider  This:

Thank you for starting a story on TeenCentral.  You have written a few words that are very serious and need immediate attention.  Find a trusted adult to talk to as soon as possible.  You do not deserve this and need supports from an adult.  Try talking to a school counselor and explaining what is going on in your life.  Try to be as honest as possible, as I know it is very hard to tell someone you do not know some of the most personal things, but in order to help you they must know the truth.  If you do not find that the person you told is taking you seriously, you must talk to another adult who will take action for you.  Call the police if you are in danger.

You can also contact the National Teen Hotline number 24 hours a day when you need to talk :1-800-273-TALK.  It is important that you stop these actions now using the help of an adult.  If these things are not happening now, but they happened in the past, it is still important to report them so that they do not happen again or the person doing them does not continue to abuse other teens.  You have been very courageous to share your story, but this is only the first step.  Find a safe way to tell someone.

For now, try to stay calm and stay as positive as possible.  Think of a few things that put a smile on your face.  Try to take some walks to keep your mind off it and keep your body healthy.  If you can enjoy a few activities, do that each day to keep yourself busy.

Help Yourself:

  • How can you keep yourself safe when you decide to tell someone about the abuse?
  •  Who is a trusted adult you can approach to share your experience?
  • What can you do in the moment to help yourself relax and stay in a positive mindset?