Abused and frightened

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My mom never was the women to hit or yell at me often, but ever since 2019 she started hitting me and yelling at me more each day and I get so scared to whats gonna happen to me. While writing this I’m actually in my closet scared for my mom to come home because she received a call that I wasn’t attending classes at all which is a lie because I am. She texted my sister to tell me that when she gets home I’m gonna pay for what I did, she yells at me more then abusing me. I got anxiety, depression, self harm, overthinking, insecurities because of my mom.


  • You are in a terrible situation.  Your mom, who you should be able to turn to for love and support, is a source of fear and anxiety for you.  She physically harms you and also is causing you stress which is making you  harm yourself.  You are right to be concerned and anxious.  You need to get some help.
  • Your mom should not be physically hurting you, and you should not be undergoing emotional abuse at home.  You are frightened and feeling overwhelmed, but please try not to harm yourself. Harming yourself is not a good way to deal with your stress and anxiety.  Try to find someone to talk to about what is going on and get some help. First consider contacting the Child Help USA National Hotline. It is a 24-hour hotline and there are people there who want to listen to you and help you. You can call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or go to their website at If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, considering harming yourself or worried about physical or emotional abuse, please contact them immediately.
  • Also, remember that is here to help, so please continue to reach out to us. Our website  has other resources that will give you help and advice.  For advice on abuse please click on our “What’s New” tab and on the left side of this section you will find an article on “Getting Help for Abuse During the Pandemic”.  You will find some good resources and suggestions on what to do.  For help with self-harm and depression and anxiety, please click on our “Learn” tab.  There are two sections that you should look at.  First, is one on “Self Injury“, the other is on “Depression“.  You can explore these sections and find help and advice.
  • Please consider reaching out to someone about your situation. Finding someone to talk to who can help you is really important. Think about who you might be able to reach out to, whether it’s a school counselor, teacher or family member like your sister, you trust. If you are worried about what to say, consider writing down some thoughts before, so you can refer to them.


  • Think of other coping skills you can use to keep from harming yourself and to help with your anxiety and depression. For some people, writing their feelings down in a journal can help with depression and anxiety.  Consider writing your thoughts down the next time you start to feel anxious or depressed.
  • Also- think about what activities you might do to help to improve your mood when you are feeling anxious or considering self-harm. For some people, physical activity helps. You might try to get outside and go for a walk or turn up the music and dance around the room or try a workout video. Consider writing a list of physical activities that you know makes you happy, and the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, you could try doing one of these activities.
  • Finally, think about other ways you can calm down when you are frightened.  Taking deep breaths while sitting, or doing yoga can help you to feel better.  Visit our website for some tips on Wellness.  You may find something new there to try that works for you.