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Lately I can feel myself growing distant from family and friends. In the past year i’ve gone through so much that a person should go through in a life time. I’ve been homeless, my mother has become deathly ill and my depression has gotten worse. I can’t talk to anyone about it because I feel like when I do it makes me a burden. I seem so happy to everyone but really I’m just on the edge. I make myself go numb most of the time so I don’t have to deal with my feeling and problems, which I know isn’t good. I feel alone.


Help Yourself:

  • You have been through so much recently. While you’re feeling distant from people in your life, we’re glad you trusted Teen Central to reach out.
  • You mentioned struggling with depression and that you feel “on the edge” or just numb. If these feelings ever become more serious, and you start to think about harming yourself or suicide, PLEASE KNOW THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE TO HELP. If you have a phone, please put this number in – 1-800-273-8255. Someone is there are ready to talk to you 24/7. Also you can use a text help line. You just need to text HELLO to 741741 and someone will respond. If you don’t have a phone, write these down somewhere that you will easily be able to find them if you need them.
  • Watching a loved one become very ill is scary, and can make you feel so many things – helpless, worried, depressed – just to name a few. Think about the friends and family that are in your life and imagine trusting just one of them enough to tell them what’s happening. Stress feels so much worse when we believe we are alone. Feeling connected may help you cope with the stress you’re going through. If you talk with someone, they will probably ask how they can help. Think about what you need from others. Sometimes all we need someone to listen to us, even if there is no way to change our current circumstances.

Consider This:

  • Check out the LEARN section of Teen Central. There is information about both Depression and Grief and Loss that may help you understand why you are distancing yourself from others and ways to manage.
  • It’s ok to take time and energy for yourself. Check out the TOOLS section for information about Sun Salutation and Daily Positive Reminder. Also check out the LEARN section, as well as WHAT’S NEW for information about art as a coping skill, journaling, deep breathing, and reminders about how being active can help your mood and overall health.
  •  You have survived many things in your life already, which means you are resilient – you have an ability to keep going. How would it feel to take a few minutes every day and remind yourself of how strong you are, how much you’ve already come through? You can express this in any way that feels comfortable – quietly to yourself, creatively through art, music, poetry, or dance. Try to find something that reminds you of the strength already inside you.