Bad anxiety

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So I have real bad anxiety and I don’t know what to do. I told somebody the other day and scared them which didn’t help at all. Now they are there with me and helping me but they told me to start worrying about myself. I don’t know how. I just need help.


  • It’s important to know that you have already taken a huge first step by reaching out for help. It takes a lot of COURAGE to seek help so thank you for trusting us here at TeenCentral. We encourage you to check out some of the stories that others have written about their own difficulties with anxiety and that can often help you feel not so alone in this journey.
  • Aside from the stories, we have other helpful resources available to you. Under the “LEARN” tab we have a section on Anxiety and even guidance on how to create a Support Plan to help you through tough moments.
  • Telling someone about your anxiety is a great accomplishment. Unfortunately it doesn’t always go the way we would like it to and that can be difficult and discouraging. Keep reaching out and having these tough conversations. Are there any other family members or trusted adults you can speak to like a family friend, guidance counselor, or teacher? Try talking to them about your anxiety. They might be able to be a support system for you.


  • Anxiety can be very difficult and exhausting to cope with. Finding outlets and ways to release these thoughts and feelings can be very helpful. Have you tried journaling? You could free style write what you are thinking and feeling when going through a moment of increased anxiety to help you feel a bit more in control of what you’re experiencing. You can also respond to structured prompts if you want something more specific.
  • Going through anxiety can be difficult not only mentally but physically as well. What are the things you can do that help you feel calm and relaxed? Even little things like listening to music, lighting candles, and watching a favorite movie can all have a big impact on your mood.
  • Another important aspect of helping yourself is surrounding yourself with positive people who make you feel good and happy. Who are these people in your own life and how can you use these connections for support? Some of these people may be individuals you can talk to about your anxiety while others might just be people who you have fun interacting with. Either way, it’s important to keep these connections and use them for support when needed.