Confused About Crime

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My uncle was framed for murder…he was arrested even tho he didn’t do it even tho they had no evidence they just arrested him for no reason he just had a son and he might not ever be able to see him ever again,how can you arrest someone who is innocent for murder with NO PROOF WTF


Help Yourself:

  • You are struggling to understand something that is confusing, frightening and overwhelming. Thank you for trusting Teen Central to express your feelings.
  • When an arrest happens to someone we care about, it’s natural to want to understand what happened and to do something to help that person through their troubles. It’s important to keep talking to your family about how you feel and ask questions about things you don’t understand. Let them give you information as they become aware of it. Focus on the things that you know to be true, and avoid gossip, guesses and other misinformation that may cause you to feel more anxious and overwhelmed.
  • Try to keep up on your own day-to-day routine, including talking to friends, exercising, playing, whatever it is that you enjoy. It’s ok for you to keep living your life and it doesn’t mean you don’t care about your uncle or support him. You will probably feel very distracted and find yourself thinking about your uncle’s situation a lot. That’s ok, just remember to take care of yourself.

Consider this:

  • Very serious crimes are investigated for a long time, by a lot of people. We don’t know what will happen to your uncle, but we can hope that in time the events become clear and your uncle is treated fairly.
  • There are things you can do to help your family during this time that may also help you feel good (since you are obviously someone that cares about other people). Ask if you can keep in touch with your uncle, either by writing him letters or drawing him pictures, or talking to him on the phone. Let him know what is going on in your life and let him know you care about him. Your cousin is also going to need a lot of support during this time. Consider being a good friend to him (maybe you are already) and check on him often. Sometimes people just want someone to listen to them and to know they are not alone.
  • Consider doing something every day that brings you some peace – taking a walk, sitting outside, drawing, writing, listening to your favorite music, spending time with beloved pets – it could be anything! There are lots of things you can read about on Teen Central. Check out the WHAT’S NEW section for information about using art and journaling as coping skills, as well as using deep breathing when you get really worried about things. Then check out the LEARN section for information about Grief and Loss. There are all kinds of loss, and you have experienced a loss. Some of the information may help you understand more about what you’re going through. Finally, check out TOOLS for information about things like yoga that can help bring some calm into your life.