Cramps and Concerns About Eating

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I keep getting cramps when I’m off my period and I don’t know what the reason is but I think that I should be eating more


Help Yourself

  • Thank your for reaching out and sharing your story with Teen Central. It takes courage to seek assistance when you aren’t feeling the best. Taking care of yourself is important!
  • If you ever feel so sick that you may need medical assistance please go to an Emergency Room or call 911. If you need to talk to someone there are many options. You can find them HERE. If at any point you need to talk to someone or begin to feel unsafe, use the resource Crisis Textline. This service is available 24/7. Just text “HELLO” to 741741 or visit
  • Who can you talk to about how you are feeling or if you are ill? This may be a close friend, your family Doctor, or a neighbor. Sometimes, just talking about how we feel or what is going on in our lives helps us feel better. Talking to someone may also help you determine if medical care is needed.

Consider This

  • You mentioned you should be eating more. When we don’t feel well, it can impact a lot of our normal routines – eating, sleeping, etc. It’s really positive that you’re paying attention to how you’re taking care of yourself. This is another good thing to talk about with a doctor. If this is a new problem that you think may be connected to the issues with your cycle, take a moment to jot down some notes about what you’re noticing about your appetite. If this is a longer-term problem that you have been struggling with, and you’re starting to feel more concerned, we have some information about healthy eating and eating disorders that may help you figure out how to start a conversation with your doctor. Check out this resource by clicking Click Here
  • Sometimes feelings of anxiety can cause us to feel unwell. What is going on in your life? Could some of your physical symptoms be related to feeling anxious? Journaling can help you better examine what is going on in your life and how you feel about it. It can also help you release those feelings instead of letting them building up inside and causing you to feel unwell.
  • Besides journaling, there are other ways to help you express yourself and encourage movement. Sometimes moving our bodies helps us feel better as well. Look under the TOOLS section on TeenCentral for some ideas. These include yoga, aerobic exercise, and strength training. Try some out and see what works best.