Difficult mom

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My mom wont accept that I’m dating a 4th grader

hi i’m 11 years old i go to [school] and i don’t know what to do. i don’t have [girlfriend’s] number so i cant call her and she’s my girlfriend and i don’t know what to do. i need some advice


  • It can be difficult to reach out for advice. We hope that the TeenCentral community may offer you the support that you’re looking for!
  • You seem very worried about not being able to speak to your girlfriend. Do you two have any friends in common that can help you to connect with each other and have a conversation?
  • Check out the TOOLS page for some resources that may help you to stay calm in this stressful time. You’ll find some yoga poses, deep breathing exercises, and other things to help combat anxiety. There are also some resources for Relationships on the LEARN tab that may be helpful.


  • What are some creative ways that you could get a message to [girlfriend] that don’t require a phone number? It may be a fun project to write a letter, or make a video to send to her to say hello!
  • It can be frustrating to feel like a parent is not understanding or accepting of something that is important to you. Have you had a face-to-face conversation with your mom about this so that you can both share your feelings in a calm and constructive way?
  • Think about your relationship with [girlfriend], and write down all of the positive things you can think of. Do you feel comfortable sharing this list with your mom? She may better understand your feelings if she can see how your relationship makes you feel.