Disrespect to animals

Disrespect to animals

Hi.My little brother is mean to my dog.

Thank you for writing into Teen Central.  It can be disheartening to see someone be mean to an animal.  It is our job to be the caretaker for animals since they are our pets and we have a responsibility to care for them in all ways, not just food and water, but also how they are treated.

Try to have a conversation with your brother when he is in a good mood and has some time to consider his actions against your dog. Allow him to express his frustrations with your dog and problem solve some ways you both can work together to treat your dog with respect.  Dogs do require some training, but there is a positive way to train a dog.  There are multiple videos on line that you can refer to in order to decide on the best way to train your dog.

Ask him if there is anything you can do help with his frustration with your dog.  As an owner, it is good to take responsibility for your dogs actions.  Like, if your dog needs outside or a walk, it is your responsibility to do this.  Dogs will give you signals when they need something.

If you and your brother cannot come up with a solution that works for both of you, seek some assistance from an adult in order to create a solution.

Throughout all this, make sure you manage your own emotions.  If you lash out at your brother, and are unable to communicate your feelings in a way that he will hear, you will only create more problems.  Find ways to calm yourself before you talk to him and remember even something as simple as taking a deep breath before you speak can allow you the moments to stop and think about what you are saying and how you say it.

Help Yourself

What kind of training videos do you think would be helpful for your dog?

What would you want to say to your brother and what kind of solutions can you bring to the conversation?

If needed, who else could you ask for help with the situation

What do you seek as your role as a dog owner?