Does my crush like me?

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So, my story is simple. At the beginning of the year I had this class with this guy that I at first barely even noticed. When I did notice him, I started crushing bad. So at one point I asked my friend to ask my crush’s friend, who is also my friend’s boyfriend, to get my crush’s snapchat. She did, and the next day I heard my crush say, “she asked for my snapchat” in this odd voice… like a mix between weirded out and I think happy.

A few weeks after, I got on the morning bus (my crush rides the same bus as me) and I was walking to my seat when I noticed that sitting in my usual spot was my crush. This was during winter and he usually sits at the front seat by the bus door. So I’m like ok, maybe he just got cold and my seat was just a random choice.

On the Wednesday before spring break/covid-19 quarantine… I asked my friend if she could tell my crush that I liked him. And she did. Later she told me what happened and her words were, ” I said hey so and so likes you… ” He/my crush said, “I don’t know who that is.” My BFF said, “She rides your bus.” My friend also said that he blushed a little and that she saw a barely visible smile on his lips.

Yep… here’s where I’m lost and sad. After the day she told him, it seemed like he tried to keep his distance from me. I have never talked to him but he usually doesn’t stand so far away. Also, I forgot, I think… think being the key word…that he looked at me a few times in art class. I am not sure, because two other girls sit beside me, but we made eye contact a couple times.

Also, before spring break, lunch schedules got switched for one day and on that day my friend and I sat at the table in front of his. He and his friends were being weird, while my friend and I were trying to figure out something on her phone. I looked up and noticed him looking at me in this weird way.

Also, in art class one time, I was wearing this cute outfit and when I got up to put my supplies away, I looked at him and he did that slight bite of the lower lip thing guys do.

Also, one day I was talking at the bus stop with my sister waiting for the bus, while my crush was off doing something with his friends. He and his friends were laughing and I looked up and at that moment he looked at me and looked super happy. I immediately looked down because I am really shy, but mostly around him.

Do you think he likes me?


  • Thinking about a crush can be really confusing, and at times it can feel like we are riding an emotional roller coaster. Thank you for opening up about your particular experience with the TeenCentral community, many of whom are dealing with similar situations.  If you take some time to browse some of the related stories, it may help to see that you are not alone.
  • It sounds like your crush has been giving you some mixed signals over the past few months that have left you with more questions than answers. I know it can be intimidating to start a conversation with somebody new, but oftentimes talking with somebody can give us an opportunity to better understand what exactly they mean. Under the “Tools” tab on, there is a great resource called “Social Skills” that provides lots of helpful tips on how to initiate conversations and to clarify confusion when you are unsure of what somebody else is doing or saying.
  • It is great that you have tried to process this situation with the help of your friend, but it seems like you are still a little unsure and uncomfortable about how things are going. Perhaps there is a trusted adult in your life, like a parent, older sibling, or cousin, who may be able to listen as you try to navigate this confusing situation? As you stated, at times having a crush can leave us feeling a little sad and lost, but remember that many adults have been in the same tough spot and may be able to offer you some support and reassurance.


  • It sounds like you have developed strong feelings for your crush that have lasted for several months. Under the “Relationships” section of the “Learn” tab on, there is some great information about the signs of a healthy relationship. They mention that strong relationships are built on open communication and honest sharing of your feelings. If you are seriously thinking about pursuing a relationship with your crush, do you think that you feel ready and comfortable to speak directly with him?
  • If you are not quite ready for a relationship with your crush, maybe you could try to open up the lines of communication and see if you can be friends first?  Many friendships are founded on the fact that both people share some similar interests.  Is there a hobby or activity that you really enjoy doing?  If you need some suggestions, check out the post “Killing the Corona Boredom” under the “What’s New” tab on the website and see if something sparks your interest.  You can spend your time doing something that you like and invite your crush to join you in a fun activity to see if there is a connection.
  • Thinking about what somebody else may be thinking or feeling can really drain us.  Remember that you need to take care of yourself, too!  What do you do for self-care?  You mentioned being in art class, so perhaps you can dedicate some time to creative expression in order to keep your mind occupied and focused on other things than just your crush.  If art is not your thing, perhaps consider trying some physical activity or even yoga.  If you have never tried it, you can get some great tips on how to start by checking out the “Sun Salutation” under the “Tools” tab on