Failed driving tests, loss of friends, social anxiety

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SOOO….. I have trouble with passing my permit test and I’ve tried so many times and have failed each time.  I am so annoyed because all my other friends are driving and going out without me.  Not only that I’ve been fighting something that I can’t even control and it’s been killing me on the inside.  I’m so lost and so tired, I just hope that the time the schools open I’ll pass my test and be happy again.  I’ve lost friends and found out that I need to get my shit together.  Not only do I struggle to make friends because of my social anxiety there’s the fact that I’m worried that once I met a girl and have to introduce myself to her friends, I feel as though they’ll be saying, “Who’s this?”  “I’ve never heard of him.” or “He’s that kid who doesn’t talk”.  And that scares me so much that I’ve given up on dating.

Ways To Help Yourself:

  • It seems like you’re going through a really difficult time. Thank you so much for trusting the TeenCentral community. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for having the courage to seek and reach out for help.
  • Have you tried to work with an adult with years of experience driving?  Together review the available drivers training manuals and do short pop quizzes on the different sections.
  • Understanding that Covid-19 has put a big divider between those established friendships for you, have you reached out to individual friends to spend time one-on-one? Have you tried talking to a trusted adult or friend about how you’re feeling? Trust us – you’re not alone!

Consider This:

  • Check out What’s New, “Strengthen Your Mental Wellness as Covid-19 Continues” which offers relationship help, coping skills suggestions like Journaling and Art.
  • Under the Learn tab read about “Anxiety & Depression“. Understand the different types, the signs and symptoms, triggers, warning indicators and coping skills related to both. Anxiety is not all bad, sometimes it really gives us the push we need to get through a tough task, but when it becomes really overwhelming – or toxic – that’s a good time to look for some help. Depression and anxiety can often happen at the same time. Just like anxiety, feeling sad sometimes is not always a bad thing. But when it reaches a point that it starts getting in the way of ever feeling happy or peaceful – that’s also a good time to reach out for help. Our Tools section has some activities for Depression as well. .
  • There’s also a guide in TOOLS for pulling together a “Support Plan”, determine where, who, and how to open up to a supportive person(s). You can also build your confidence about how to carry yourself in group settings with the helpful guide under “Social Skills”.
  • Have you considered, “Self Positive Talk” statements? They will help you find your inner strength and continue strengthening your confidence. Everyone has had to look for their inner strength during this time. Don’t be afraid to find your strength to achieve your goals of driving and finding a relationship. We believe you’re stronger than you think!