Gave In To Peer Pressure

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I sent a picture of my below the belt. I gave into peer pressure and want be a good woman and yes I had feelings for this guy but it was just lust. But now my picture could be getting sold.


  • Thank you so much for reaching out to the TeenCentral Community. We all make choices we regret and it can be scary to talk about those things. It’s hard to be vulnerable and put our mistakes out there for others to see, but it’s a strong first step towards resolving the issue and feeling better. We appreciate you trusting us!
  • You are not alone in your struggle and many others have gone through the types of peer pressures you have experienced. Check out some of the stories posted by other people to help you see that you are part of a community, all struggling to figure out how to make the best, safest choices when faced with hard decisions. Also, on the LEARN tab, there’s a section on Relationships (and specifically an area talking about digital communication) that may be helpful.
  • This is a lot of stress to carry alone. Do you have any trusted family members or friends or other trusted adults that you could talk to about this? They may not be able to help resolve the issue, but they can be a support while you navigate the thoughts and feelings you’re having about this experience.


  • Peer pressure can feel overwhelming and really hard to resist. The need to fit in, feel accepted and desirable to others can lead us to question our judgement and take risks that we might not take on our own. It sounds like you wouldn’t have chosen to send a picture of yourself without the pressure of a guy you liked and trusted at the time. You took a risk to be liked and to build the intimacy of the relationship. Sadly, it sounds like the relationship didn’t work out the way you hoped, and you’re faced with regret.
  • You’re not alone. As you’re growing up and learning about relationships, it’s hard to know where to draw the line about how much of yourself to share, especially when someone is asking for something from you. While you can’t take the picture back, you can make this boundary a value for you and learn from this choice. Check out the TOOLS section for “8 Signs of a Healthy Relationship” for information that may help you when you’re getting to know someone in the future.
  • Check out some of the resources that may help you deal with stress going forward – not just about this issue, but about all kinds of stress that may come your way – In the What’s New section there are resources for using Journaling and Art to Cope With Stress, as well as a resource that talks about Building your Mental Wellness During COVID-19.
  • Often times in situations where we may not be able to control the outcome, remembering the things we can control is very important. It’s important to take steps to manage those thoughts and feelings in healthy and effective way. One method of doing that is through finding creative outlets such as writing, drawing, coloring, mandalas, or other artistic means of expression. Another good outlet is physical activity. Running, yoga, meditation, and other physical wellness activities can have huge mood boosting benefits. Check out our Wellness section for some resources to get you started.
  • Aside from finding healthy and effective outlets for any emotions related to this experience, finding ways to increase your overall wellness and self-esteem may help you feel more confident and capable if you end up in any similar situations in the future. Sometimes when we don’t feel as good as we’d like to about ourselves it becomes easier to succumb to peer pressure. What are some other things you can do to increase your overall wellness?