Hating Myself

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For a while now I have been hating myself, I hate my body, my face, my personality, pretty much everything. I have thought many times about making myself throw up (and I attempted to) and I have slapped myself in the face quite a few times. I recently told my mom about this and luckily she was supportive and tried to help me find a therapist. But everyone is booked and unless I’m suicidal (which I’m not) I cant see anyone. I feel like my anxiety is getting worse everyday and so is my self hate. If you have anything that can help me I would be very grateful.

Help Yourself:

  • It can be really challenging and difficult to share your emotions and feelings. Thank you for trusting TeenCentral and for sharing your story with us. This is an important step to getting help.
  • Check out the TeenCentral site for valuable information. Look under the “Learn” tab and you will find a page called “Anxiety” that has a helpful coping skill section. While coping skills are not always the “magic answer” and may not make your feelings of anxiety or self-hate go away, they can help. Work to find coping skills that work for you. It’s kinda like trial and error.
  • It is wonderful that your Mom is supportive and helping you navigate your anxiety and feelings. Continue to communicate with her. You should continue to pursue finding a therapist for additional help. It is helpful to talk to someone that understands anxiety and how you may be feeling. They will also be able to work with you to assist you in managing these feeling safely.

Consider This:

  • Some times when we feel overwhelmed or anxious it affects our breathing, thinking, and feelings about ourselves. It is important to find ways to center yourself and clear your mind. Have you tried deep breathing? Or Yoga? There are many resources under the “What’s New” and “Tools” tab. Try some of these techniques when you begin to feel anxious. These things not only serve as a stress reliever, but can help with a sense of accomplishment, increasing your sense of self-worth.
  • Another important thing to do is to express yourself and let your feelings out in safe ways. Have you tried journaling? Try writing down how and what you are feeling. This will help identify what stressors may be causing your anxiety. It can also be useful to continue communicating with your mom and therapist.