Help me stop my parents from hitting my dog!

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Hi! I’m wondering how to stop my parents from hitting my dog. I try to talk to them but they start yelling back and saying that they deserve it and that a dog is an animal that will eat people once they die.  They say that I’m making stuff up and I’m wrong and embarrassing them and I’m lying. Then they deny stuff that they said two minutes ago and I get so confused. Each time I try, it gets worse, and now we’re not talking to each other about anything. (Not that we actually talk to each other anyway). My dog doesn’t like getting hit so she bites them back, and then my parents hit the dog more. What’s more scary is that my brother is starting to hit the dog, too, like my parents. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it either. I’m hoping that once I go to college I can bring her with me, but I found out that colleges don’t allow pets. Hopefully, though, after college, I can bring her with me, assuming that she lives that long. (We’ve had 7 cats before over the years, and only one is alive.)


Thank you for asking for help with this. This is an important animal rights issue that goes hidden within many homes. By asking for help with this, you are creating awareness for many others. On behalf of the animals, Thank You!

Like child abuse, animal abuse is often hidden and unseen by outsiders, therefore making it difficult to detect and report. Your dog is blessed to have a compassionate family member who cares enough to speak out against it and seek help. I know it is hard to do, but please do not be angry at your parents. Do not create a power struggle with them. A power struggle will only make things worse, every time. What you need to keep in mind is that they simply need information about what animal abuse is. They need a different perspective, and you can help them with that.

Realize that your heart is in the right place. There is everything right and good about attempting to prevent abuse. Our companion animals want only one thing in life: to be loved and be accepted by us. They want so much to please us – especially dogs. Dogs are pack animals. their instinct is to live to please the alpha. As companion animals, the alpha is the pet owner. This is why hitting a dog is so very cruel. That animal only wants to please and receive praise. Hitting is abuse and is no different than hitting a small child whose whole world revolves around the parents.

Animals are not beneath us by any means. They are simply Other Nations, existing alongside us in the trials and pleasures of life on earth. They deserve our respect. They deserve our care and protection. They deserve our admiration and awe.


  • Kindly and respectfully have your parents watch the film EARTHLINGS with you. You don’t need to get into a discussion about it. Just tell them you want to watch a film with them to prevent their resistance to it. If you can get them to watch this, all your problems are solved. It is a documentary about how animals have become commodities to serve mankind for profit. It is the Thor’s Hammer of all animal rights films ever made. It begins with Pets, and then shows how animals are used for Food, Clothing, Entertainment, and Science. This is a film that everyone over 18 should see. It explores the concept of specieism and absolutely forces inner compassion towards animals as never before done so effectively. It is free to watch online at
  • You can contact your local Humane Society and tell them that you have witnessed your family dog being repeatedly beaten, hit, and abused by your parents. Let them know that you are making an anonymous request for help and intervention because you fear repercussions should they find out that you are the reporter. Ask for someone to come to your home and give your parents education about dog training before your dog starts to exhibit behaviors of an abused animal.
  • Be patient and kind towards your parents. They do not know any better and might truly believe that what they are doing is right. Let them know that when they hit the dog, it feels to you that they are hitting you, since it causes trauma and extreme stress to you. Let them know that the dog is a family member – your child – your baby sister – your loved family member. Let them know that you love and respect them, but that they are hurting you each time they hurt someone that you love so much.