Helping Others

By December 31, 2020No Comments

I just want to be able to help young children and adults with their issues


HI! Welcome to Teen Central. Its great you want to help others, it is an amazing quality to have. We encourage you to spend some time checking out the STORIES that other people have written in to better understand what others are going through. By doing so, you may also decide that you want to say more about what’s going on in your life. WE’RE HERE TO LISTEN!

ALSO, check out the different stuff on this website – there’s a LOT to see! The LEARN section has lots of information about different issues that may be helpful to learn about, and the TOOLS section has some different resources that you can print and keep. Our WHAT’S NEW blog has all kinds of information on everything from overcoming boredom to using art as a way to cope with stress.

Remember– knowledge is power. The more you understand about young people and their struggles the better you will be at helping others. It is important to be empathetic of what others may be experiencing and the barriers they may face. You may also want to look into volunteering at a local youth center. This is a way to give back to others, and also learn more about yourself.