Hopeful Message From Someone Who Has Been There

By December 8, 2019No Comments

Don’t give up, life matters.
Hi, I know this sounds silly but I just want to write a letter for anyone who stumbles across this amazing website. You are beautiful, talented, loved, amazing, and unique. Life will be hard at times, but trust me, I’ve been there before. You need to stay alive. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s beautiful and necessary. If you die you will miss high school, college, relationships, friendship, family, etc. Once you die you’re not coming back. I wanted to die before. Sometimes I would even dream or even try of doing so. But now I don’t want to. I’m too young and I haven’t even experienced anything yet. I’ve never been out of the neighborhood. You can talk to so many people and if you don’t want to talk to an adult, you could talk to a friend, sibling, online friend, or you can write to this amazing website. Know that you will be okay, and if you’re not, you will be soon enough. I ain’t that rich and I don’t have many friends but I value whatever I have. I’m not good looking but I need to be content with what I have. You aren’t alone in anything. There are other people out there who feel bad too. Please stay strong. Stay strong.


Thank you for taking the time to write this story!  It is so important for teens to hear from other teens who have made it through the hard times and hear that they can do it, too.   It is great to hear that you see a great future ahead and that you want to share that with others who might not be in that place right now, but can hear from you that it will not last.

Thanks for giving the great advice to reach out to someone and talk to them about what is going on.  Talk to someone until you find the right person who can help you and do not quit!

Your advice that being rich and having loads of friends does not make you happy is spot-on!   Value what you have.  When you are feeling down, try to help others.  Kindness to others tends to be more rewarding than money or friends and fulfills us.  And that is what you have done today by writing in and sharing your story. So Thank You!