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I can’t do this anymore.

By September 1, 2022No Comments

I’ve written here twice before. My coping strategies aren’t working. The new ones I’m trying aren’t working either. Spending time with people works temporarily, but it’s not a very good solution when your entire family are introverts. None of them wanna spend time with me. I always think it’s because they don’t care, and it probably is. My dad yells at me twice a day, and he’s only awake and at home for four hours. I can’t take it anymore. I just feel terrible all the time. Like no one cares about me, and I can’t do anything about it. The night is worse. Darkness freaks me out. I’m always scared. I hear weird voices, and I see things in the mirror. Strange things. Things like my sister being hanged, and I’m helpless. Things like my mother with a distorted head. Things like a knife. In my abdomen.


  • Welcome back to TeenCentral. Thanks for continuing to trust us for support. It can definitely be frustrating when you feel like the things you are trying aren’t working. Don’t give up. You aren’t alone and you can do this.
  • Having been on TeenCentral before, you are aware that we get a lot of people in your position that feel like there’s no hope or solution for them. We encourage you to check out some of those stories as it can help us feel connected to others. Also – maybe you consider filling out a Support Plan from our tools page. As far as coping skills go, it is often times trial and error before you find what works for you. Keep trying.
  • You are correct in that sometimes spending time with people only helps when you are with them or they are the right type of person, but that doesn’t have to be true all the time. Are there other people in your life that make you feel safe and happy? It can be positive friends, adults who are friends of the family, other relatives who maybe live outside your home, or a guidance counselor / religious leader if that is something you have in your life. We also have 24/7 text lines under our “HELP” tab where you can talk to someone live whenever you need it.


  • Have you tried talking to your family about how you are feeling and perceiving your interactions? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and communicating our thoughts and feelings helps others understand what’s going on with us. If that sounds scary or impossible, have you considered writing down your feelings in a letter? You can write it down and share it with someone you trust, or even rip it up afterwards if you aren’t comfortable.
  • If you are hearing and seeing weird things, it could be stress related or it could be something else. Either way, it’s important to talk about that to an adult – preferably a parent/guardian, counselor, or medical professional.
  • Experiencing what you are experiencing at night sounds like it would be scary. Maybe it’s a good idea to create a support plan for yourself to help you get through these moments. We have one available here under our TOOLS page that may be beneficial. Here’s the link My Support Plan (