I Don’t Feel Safe Around My Mom

By June 15, 2021No Comments

I don’t feel safe around my mom. She beat me up over virtual learning, and once, I failed my report card. Because of that, my mother beat me up. I feel like I’m gonna fail another term and she’s gonna beat me up again. I’m too scared to call the police, and I can’t talk to the doctors, teachers, relatives or anyone about this. I only shared this to my cousin, only because she is also going through the same thing. My mom once also made a scar which was bleeding. I don’t know what to do, I feel like running away from home, but I’d have nowhere to go. I’m falling in tears as I type this. I don’t feel safe around my mother. She beats me up, hits me with objects such as ; pencil cases, books, hangers, sandals, etc. I just want to end my life because no matter what I try to do I always get back in the same position. I try to pass my term, submitting every homework, submitting every classwork, submitting all exams, participating in class. But I can’t let go of all the stress that has been stuck in my head from long ago. I can’t let go of all the scoldings, and beatings in my head, they won’t go away. My mom is scary, and she is stronger than me. She even said if I fail another term in school, she’ll kick me out. I’m only 11, and I’m such a scaredy cat. I gained anger-issues because of that. So when I do something bad, my relatives will complain to my mom and my mom would either beat me up or scold me like as if she was about to beat me up. And when I got beaten up last term of my school, no one even stopped my mom. My aunt just complained more and more things. And I kept getting beaten up, and she even pulled my hair that it created so many strangles in my hair and she doesn’t even know where I got it from and assumes that I don’t brush my hair. She says I look like a monster for that.
I don’t want to live with my mom anymore, I’m too scared to do something.
I feel like in the next Parent’s Teacher Meeting, my mom’s gonna beat me up even worse after the meeting ends.
I keep praying so that something good happens, but nothing.



  • Your safety is always the NUMBER ONE priority! Thank you for reaching out to Teen Central as you try to figure out how to stay safe and keep moving forward.
  • There is always help out there! People everywhere in the world are able and willing to help. You just need to call or text or email them. To find people that can help you, try this link: Call A Hotline – List of Worldwide Suicide Hotlines | Suicide Stop. You look for your country and then follow the instructions. The other website you may consider looking at is: National Helpline Centre for Violence against Women and Children (
  • Do you have anyone in your life besides your cousin that you can talk to about what’s going on? Any supportive family members that object to hitting and violence or any neighbors, community leaders, school teachers, spiritual leaders? Speaking up may feel like the hardest part, but it is worth it to find safety.


  • Check out the resources on our site – especially the TOOLS section that has a SUPPORT PLAN. When things are feeling more dangerous it can be hard to remember the things to do to stay safe. If you have it written down you don’t have to remember it. Fill out the support plan and keep it in a place you can easily get to it if you need it.
  • Besides schooling being primary issue between you and your mom, it sounds like you could use some help with your studies. Is there any support or help you can get that would help you with your schoolwork? Think about older kids that could tutor you, or any help that teachers can give you. We know it is really hard to concentrate on schoolwork when things are so tough at home, but this is also your education – which is important to help you reach your future goals.
  • Please take time to balance the stress you are living with every day with even just 10 minutes that you spend meditating, going outside, sitting quietly, taking deep breaths, listening to music or doing something creative. Check out the WELLNESS section for ideas about how to find peace.