I don’t like school and my parents keep pressuring me…

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I  feel like I’m going to EXPLODE. Hi, you know how everything gets so overwhelming you just sick and tired of it well this is my story- It all happens after we go back full time in school and keep in mind I’m a seventh grader and you know how kids don’t like school and think its boring well that’s me I hate school but at the same time my parents keep pressuring me to get grades and I do want to but there is other stuff too that overwhelms me and I just feel like I’m a disappointment to my parents like for example my dad he just keeps making me feel awful inside and well my mom she just wants me to be better but I can’t I keep getting anxiety and I also have ADHD.


  • Thank you for reaching out to the TeenCentral community. It sounds as if you are having a rough time. It took a lot of strength to share today, and we are glad you are here with us.
  • Lots of kids writing in struggle with boredom especially during this pandemic. Check out our story, “Killing Boredom and Staying Occupied” on our WHAT’S NEW tab on our site.
  • It sounds as if you are saying that you are feeling a combination of pressure and anxiety when it comes to schooling and performance. You also disclosed that you have a diagnosis of ADHD. Do you have a trusted adult you could talk to about your stress? A current therapist or guidance counselor? A family member? ANGER is a powerful emotion and it can really cause some problems for you if it’s not handled in a healthy way. We have a whole section about Anger Management on our LEARN tab. We highly recommend checking it out.
  • If you are struggling with school work, you may also wish to discuss getting a tutor or speaking with your teachers about additional help. If this just isn’t cutting it you may need to reach out to someone who you can talk to right away – 24/7 any day of the week. Amazingly enough there’s a service like that and it’s called the Crisis Textline. You just text HELLO to 741741 to start a conversation. It’s also a website that you can visit at


  • We understand that school is not always the most preferred task for children and teens. Try to focus on what you love at school (friends, teachers, activities, or classes). Get engaged in clubs to find more positives to look forward to. Getting through school helps prepare you for life as well as adulthood. Focus on the skills it does give you: patience, mindfulness, reading, listening, problem solving, social skills, the ability to perform new tasks, organization, and a good work ethic. These are all things that set you up for success in the future if you take them seriously.
  • It sounds like your parents want the best for you. If you feel overwhelmed, try talking to them about it. Use your feeling words to describe what is going on for you.  In the mean time, try some things to help you cope with the stress. We have some great resources on our TOOLS tab such as yoga, meditation, journaling, and art. Specifically we’d like to recommend the MPE Toolkit. “MPE” Just stands for mental health protectivel equipment, and it’s meant to help people focus on things that can protect their mental health,
  • Also try to stimulate your senses, get in nature, take a walk and get some fresh air.
  • Keep on keepin’ on. You can do this, but remember you do not have to go it alone. Find your supports, use your strengths, de-stress, and you can accomplish more than you think.