I Don’t Want To Hurt Anybody

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ive been having some homicidal ideation about my dad lately. when it comes to topics like these im supposed to talk to my parents, but i know they will be of absolutely no help. i dont really know what to do. im kinda scared that one day the thoughts will get too much and ill end up either hurting myself or someone else.


  • Thank you for sharing your story with us at TeenCentral. Sometimes in life when we have a lot going on, we can become flooded with a variety of thoughts and feelings. You have shown strong insight to recognize these feelings and incredible bravery by reaching out for help.
  • It is important that you remain safe both physically and emotionally. If you ever feel you are in danger OR believe that you will hurt your dad or someone else, PLEASE CALL 911. On the TeenCentral website under the “HELP” tab, there are numbers and resources that are available 24/7. If at any point you need to talk to someone or begin to feel unsafe, call 1-800-273-8255 or contact the Crisis Textline. Just text HELLO to 741741 or visit
  • You mentioned thinking your parents wouldn’t be able to help you, and that you’re having very serious thoughts to harm your dad. Who do you have that you trust and can talk to? This may be a guidance counselor, teacher, friend, or family member. It appears that you already know that letting your feelings build can cause you to “explode” or make unsafe choices. You are correct, letting your feelings build can quickly make you feel worse. So, it is important to find someone to talk to. Then you can express your feelings and release those building feelings. You may be surprised with just how good if feels to have someone listen – even if they can’t solve the problem. Since you’re having thoughts about hurting your dad and yourself, we think it’s important for you to consider getting connected with a therapist or counselor that can help you work through these feelings safely. Your guidance counselor, or even your family doctor, can help you find a therapist to talk with about your thoughts.


  • In addition to finding someone to talk to, you can express your thoughts and feelings with journaling. Remember it is important to keep those thoughts and feelings from building up inside. What makes you want to hurt your Dad? Has something happened that makes you feel so angry? What makes you feel like hurting yourself? You can find journaling ideas HERE.
  • Beyond journaling, how can you express yourself and release some of the building thoughts and feelings? There are many skills and activities that can help you cope and reduce your overall anxiety and agitation. Yoga, music, aerobic exercise, and art are just a few examples. What interests you? Try it out and see how it makes you feel. If one activity doesn’t seem to make you feel better, try another one. If you need more ideas you can find them on the TeenCentral site under “TOOLS” or “WHAT’S NEW”. PLEASE BE SAFE – YOU CAN DO THIS!