I don’t want to say too much, I feel like my mom is going to see this somehow…

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I don’t know what to do, I feel like if I put too much info my mom will somehow see this. I do bad things. I have impulse control issues, not even issues but, I just do bad things in the moment or because I just want to to try it. My mom finds out and gets mad at me, and then she hits me and I get bruises and have to lie about it. I want to do something but I am scared to. I am scared that, what if I am just doing what she says and seeking attention and what if she really IS just trying the best for me. She verbally calls me bad names / curses at me. There are times where I think I deserve it, such as bad grades, and school things. I cannot tell if it is her or me that is in the wrong, I don’t do bad things all the time and I don’t know if its just me wanting to be a teen and have fun or if I am just doing bad things and getting the consequences for it.


  • Safety first, if you believe that you are being physically abused by your parent(s), call the National Child Abuse Hotline for guidance / assistance: 1-800-4-A-Child (422-4453). We also have a blog called ” Getting Help for Abuse on Your Own” located in our What’s New section.
  • We hear that you are saying you are scared, consider reaching out to a trusted, safe adult in your life to help you. If you can’t get the words out, write it down and give it to a trusted adult who is already in your life. Certain professionals can also help you take the step with reporting, such as teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, and therapists.


  • We also hear you mention that you “do bad things…because I want to try it….wanting to be a teen and have fun”. It sounds as if you know the difference between right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable, legal and not legal. It also sounds as if you do not enjoy getting in trouble for these specific “bad things” you do. We encourage you to take time and consider if your actions/choices are benefitting you, or are some of them self-defeating? Only you can answer that for yourself whether you are pleased with the outcome of your self-reported “bad things”. Time and introspection might help you with this. Consider making a list of pro’s and con’s to help you look into the outcomes. You can use our “Making Hard Decisions” tool on our TOOLS tab.
  • Lastly, consider ways to open up lines of communication with your family. Try talking to someone about family therapy. Find ways to interact in good space such as playing a game together. Consider a mediator like a trusted family member to sit with you as you talk. Help out around the house. Speak with integrity and avoid making assumptions. Good Luck!