I Have a Little Problem

I Have a Little Problem

Hi, I haven’t used this website in a while and I  have a little problem.  My ex that I had dated for almost 2 years came back into my life, claiming he missed me. I recently discovered that during our relationship he had cheated once. My heart is kind of still with the kid.  But, at the same time, I don’t care about him. Then there’s a guy that I use to talk to. I call him Jay Jay.  We dated once and he slid into my Instagram dms. He was talking some good stuff but then kept ruining it with sexual comments. Then there is this other guy.  I call him Scruffy because, well, he looks scruffy to me. He’s a great person to small talk with. Lastly, there is this coworker that I casually do stuff with… If you get my drift. He does not bother me much but like so many guys… and they all are confusing me. The one I want to be with is my ex, but he cheated. Then again, Jay Jay is really sweet and nice. I’m not a bad person and no I do not sleep around. I just need help. My feelings are complicated.


  • Thanks for reaching out.  It can be hard to find someone to talk to about relationships.  They can be very complicated.
  • Perhaps you should be honest with your ex and tell him how he made you feel when he cheated on you.
  •  Maybe none of these are the right one for you possibly causing your uncertainty.
  • Try to keep the relationships on a friend level. This may make things less complicated for all involved.


  • How would your life change if you and your ex were a couple again?
  • How would this change possibly affect the other relationships you now have?
  • How would the conversation sound to you about talking to the other guys about simply being just friends, in particular Jay Jay?