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I have problems with impulse control

By August 21, 2022No Comments

I have problems with impulse control


Help Yourself

  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral and sharing with us.
  • If you ever feel as though your lack of impulse control is creating a risky situation for you be mindful of this and reach out to support. You can do this by reaching out to the crisis hotline. This is easily done by texting “hello” to 741741.
  • Take this time to talk to a family member or a supportive adult. If you think you can do this,  identifying some of the times that you lacked in impulse control and processing through how this made you feel could help in creating mindfulness.

Consider This

  • Knowing that you lack in impulse control can be a good thing as it allows us to be more mindful of our behaviors and how we respond to things.
  • Take this time to find something that allows for your to slow down these impulses such as in our TOOLS section of our website designed for mindfulness.
  • Practicing slowing this down can help you do this in the time of need. You got this.