I Like Two Guys – What Do I Do?

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[In response to a previous story I wrote “Thank You…But What Next?“] Thank you so much, and plz let me know if I’m bothering u! I told another about it and about all the advice I’ve already gotten and she also told me to just tell both of them. So I’m gonna do it as soon as i get out of church.

But there’s something else… I like two guys. The one I’ve been talking about and another guy who I really think likes me too. What do I do if I like two people? and how can I tell if someone likes me?

Again, thanks so much for ur advice and support and plz let me know if I am I bothering u ever!


  • Thank you for writing to TeenCentral and asking your questions. You will never bother us by asking for feedback on situations happening in your life. That’s why we are here! It takes a lot of bravery to come forward to talk about what’s on your mind, so never apologize for that.
  • Here’s something you can do…. I know you’ve already been looking at the RELATIONSHIPS section of the LEARN and TOOLS tab on TeenCentral. Look again at the 8 Signs of a Healthy Relationship. Now try to imagine yourself in a relationship with each of these guys and write down how each of them may be like in each of the healthy categories. This could be a first step in considering which of the guys might be the most healthy fit for you.
  • You stated in your story above that you’ve asked someone else’s opinion about this as well. That’s good. Have you considered talking to a trusted adult about the situation? I know your options may be limited right now, as you may not be attending school in person, but perhaps a trusted family member, older sibling, cousin – even if over the phone – would be willing to listen. I know it can be hard to trust adults, but sometimes it can be helpful to hear from someone who’s been through situations like this in their past and can offer real life advice. It’s food for thought!


  • If you keep a journal, this is a prompt that could possibly help you think through something: If you have feelings for more than one guy, do you think it’s possible that now may not be the best time to make a decision on one or the other? Why are why not? [Journal prompts do not necessarily have a hard ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer – they are designed to help you think through something through the process of writing.]
  • If you like to express yourself through art, consider creating a collage using magazine images on the following topic: My vision of a healthy relationship [Think about all of the things you eventually want for yourself in a strong, healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship and show that in a collage.]