I miss cutting

By July 26, 2017No Comments

I know it is stupid, but I miss cutting. I crave it. Though I do not do it, I want to. I’m not really stressed at the moment, I just miss the feeling. I miss the rush through my veins and the dizziness that I feel. I just miss it. I know that is stupid. I miss it helping me feel alert. Yet, I still do not do it but how much longer can I go without it? I went a year-and-a-half but that ended in December and since then I’ve cut twice. I have a therapist and psychiatrist and they are great but I still want to do it. I do alternative things. However, it just does not always work. What should I do?


  • Even though you miss it, it is great you have not cut yourself in a year-and-a-half and that you acknowledge that it is unhealthy. It shows self-awareness. Missing self-injury is natural when you are trying to recover, even when you are not stressed out.
  • Try discussing your two relapses with your therapist and psychiatrist. Your honesty will make them aware of how you are doing and they can support you with new steps you can use when you get the urge to cut yourself.
  • It might be helpful to have a strong support group around you. You could try letting your family and friends know what behavior to look out for so they can step in to help redirect you.
  • Some people who suffer from trauma and self-injury use art, music and journals to express what they feel, instead of self-injuring. Maybe you could create something that shows what you can accomplish when you are not hurting yourself.
  • Also, consider checking out some resources that might be helpful to you, such as the TeenCentral Tools page or the Self-Injury page. 


  • What advice would your therapist give you about your cutting? What daily behavior makes you think about cutting?
  • What has happened recently in your life that made you miss cutting yourself?
  • What positive outlets could you do to get a similar feeling without cutting yourself or hurting others?