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I need some help…

By July 15, 2022No Comments

Hi teen central. I need some help. I’ve been struggling with a very wide range of trauma and mental illness, and nobody is listening. Even if they were, we don’t have the money for it. My mom just applied for financial assistance but they don’t cover everything as you probably know. I’ve been wanting to know, since I’m 15, can’t I just call a residential mental health facility and do some research and go without my parents permission? I’m pretty sure that’s legal, but I’m not sure so I’m asking. I just am running out of options here. And believe me, I honestly have tried everything, no one is listening anymore, I’m about ready to just check myself into a hospital. But then, who’s gonna pay for that… so it’s just the matter of no one is listening, not even crisis line, sooo. Please, help. I’d really, really appreciate it.


  • It sounds very frustrating to feel that you are not receiving the help you seem to be looking for.
  • If you are experiencing an immediate mental health crisis or feel as if you are becoming a danger to yourself or others you can visit your nearest emergency room, call 911, call your county crisis hotline, or the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. You say the crisis line is not listening anymore. Why is that? Why would they not listen to you?
  • You must connect with a safe and supportive adult in your life. When doing so, be open and honest with them so that you may get the help that you need. We know you have probably heard this from us before, but we will always continue to encourage our writers to do this. If the ones you’ve already tried don’t seem to be listening then think about another person who might care enough to listen to you. It may not be a family member, but it’s really important to have a supportive adult in your life.


  • There are several ways for families to access insurance and mental health services. If you are in the United States, a family can apply for Medicaid assistance for children. Almost every county in every state has a resource website for county services including Mental Health. One can utilize other free resources such as NAMI and SAMHSA.
  • Typically one must work through all lesser restrictive therapeutic options prior to entering residential care. It is most ethical to have someone in their home and community prior to trying anything more restrictive. There is a process involved in entering residential and it typically involves recommendations from licensed clinical professionals after thorough assessment.
    • A journal question for youWhy do I want to go to residential treatment – the most restrictive treatment available (aside of juvenile detention) – when I could make use of other less restrictive services for my problems?
  • It seems to sound like you feel as if no one is listening, consider – is it possible that you are not being clear and concise with your wants or needs? Is it possible that you might not like or understand the answers you are being given?
  • Here is a resource for you that you may even be given in a residential facility if you went there. It’s a workbook that helps people who have gone through trauma and it’s an evidence based therapy model called Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CLICK HERE if you are interested.