I Won’t Ever Forget the Hurt

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I won’t ever forget the hurt I got today…I didn’t do anything wrong.

My mother hit me hard today.  My mother brutally beat me today for no reason. Believe me, I didn’t argue in the first place, she started it. I was silently digesting everything when I couldn’t take it all, then I started arguing. She then started beating me non-stop and I was fuming with rage. Then at a certain point, her hits became too aggressive and to save myself, I held and bent her right thumb down. She then started screaming and was cursing me a lot.  Right now I am not accepting the blame that I bent her finger down and am still lying.

Actually my parents are going through a rough patch and misunderstandings. But I don’t deserve to get hit, right? They fought a lot yesterday and I was sure to make no more fuss. But if anyone continues to poke you, you would react at some point, won’t you?

Anyway, I won’t ever forget the hurt I got today nor I cried so much that couldn’t have my breakfast before 12pm…
I didn’t do anything wrong.


  • Thank you for sharing your story with our community. We are sorry to hear you and your family are going through such a hard time. It is never okay to physically hurt another person, in fact, there are laws in each state that protect children from physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as neglect.
  • We see that you are living in a country outside of the US. It looks like you are in or near the city of Patna, India. According to what we have learned you can call the number 1098 to report that someone has abused you. Besides filing a report with the police, you can also contact child rescue organizations that are present in nearly every state and city. There are laws in India that protect children like you who are being hurt.
  • Is there anyone you can reach out to that you trust to talk to about your situation? A someone at school, a teacher, coach, religious leader? Do you have older siblings, a close family friend, or an aunt/uncle or grandparent you can trust?  Telling someone that you and your mom are fighting is ok, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about and it’s important that you have support during this time.


  • If you need some help figuring out how to help yourself, or take care of yourself, spend some time looking at the LEARN and TOOLS sections of Teen Central. In TOOLS, you’ll find lots of resources for yoga, meditation and building a support plan. In the LEARN tab, you can learn about Anger Management and Wellness.
  • Get outside. Being outside gets you out of the house, away from conflict. This is good for the body and to clear their mind. You can take a walk, go to a park, or just sit somewhere quiet. Being outside and near nature is also useful for practicing mindfulness.
  • Consider talking about your feelings with your mom when you’re both calm. Ask someone that you trust to be there if that feels safer. It’s ok to let her know if you’re feeling hurt, or angry. She may have some feelings and thoughts about what happened as well that she wants to share. We hope that you both will want to find a different way to handle conflict going forward.