I’m bored…

By February 6, 2021No Comments

I feel bored all the time. I just cannot find a way to feel entertained. I don’t know. The thing I hate mostly is school because it’s very easy and boring and there is so many people. Help.


  • Thank you for sharing your story with our community. As the pandemic moves into its second year we understand that many people – young and old alike – are really starting to have a hard time handling the lack of connection with other people, the limited activities available and the loss of the life we once called “normal”.
  • You are not alone in your feelings of boredom. If you look at our site under STORIES, you might notice many others who share your feelings and have written about it. You can read the many suggestions our counselors have given to all the young people who have struggled with the boredom and cabin fever just like you, and maybe something will resonate for you.
  • Take a look at our WHAT’S NEW tab for a great post on Killing Boredom and Staying Occupied. There are a ton of ideas in this short read and I’m betting there’s at least ONE thing in there you haven’t tried yet.
  • Learning to be still and quiet (mindfulness) is a skill that is worth mastering. Boredom is only a perspective. Sometimes having to wait, or having little to entertain yourself for a period of time, is a part of life. You can change your perspective on it also. Embrace this down time or look at it as an opportunity to take on new hobbies, skills or connect with new people. Practice feeling grateful for the things you do have and the time you do have during a time when many people are losing their loved ones to a deadly disease.


  • Check out some of the great resources we have on our Teen Central site under the TOOLS tab.  We list lots of great activities you can try and you might find some humor in our Corona Comic section.
  • If you are not feeling challenged at school, seek out your guidance counselor (yes, they still exist) and request more challenging classes, or reach out to your teachers and seek out extra credit work. I know not all schools have activities going on during the pandemic, but if yours does have any activities or clubs, consider trying something new.
  • Give back. If you feel you have too much time on your hands and it bothers you, seek out volunteer opportunities in your school or neighborhood. Maybe there are kids in your school district that would benefit from tutoring from someone like you, or maybe the local animal shelter needs help. This helps you and your community and gives you something to do with all that extra time and energy. Stay positive my friend! Things will get better.