I’m Considering Dating a Prisoner

By September 19, 2019No Comments

I recently started talking to this guy, but he’s in prison. We write each other and he calls.  I don’t know, I kind of fell for his words.  I just don’t know.


  • Not knowing whether you can trust someone can make you feel curious and unsure. You are smart for questioning a person’s intentions, especially if he’s in prison.
  • If you need someone to talk to, you can head to the Teen Central website and click the Help tab to call a hotline or textline. You may also speak to a trusted therapist, school counselor or religious leader about any problems you may have.
  • Prisoners are in prison for a reason, because they committed a crime and are paying for it. This means that this guy is probably not in the right mindset to have any sort of relationship, committed or not. You can stop speaking to him, encourage him to be a better person in a friendly manner by writing letters or wait until he gets out to get to know him better. Just remember that if you choose to get to know him better, he might be dangerous. Always meet people you don’t know in a safe environment where there’s other people around.
  • There are plenty of good guys out there who have real goals they want to achieve, like getting an education and a real job. Spending time with a prisoner will likely make it more difficult to create a positive future for yourself because he’s probably a negative influence. You can go to the Teen Central website and click the Tools tab to download resources like 8 Signs of Healthy Relationships and 8 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships.
  • You can ask yourself how your parents would feel about you getting involved with a prisoner. If they wouldn’t care enough to stop you from making mistakes or being in dangerous situations, they aren’t good enough to be your parents. This means you need to be responsible by making wise decisions on your own.
  • Knowledge is power. You can read articles from reputable websites about the dangers of dating a prisoner. It’s best to protect yourself by being careful because this could even save your life. Here’s one resource you may want to read: Teenage Dating and Romantic Relationships Risks from
  • Guys don’t always have the best of intentions. You can think about all of the ways they like to fool unsuspecting girls and how this might ruin your future. Prisoners are more likely to lie, manipulate, be controlling and possibly even become physically or sexually abusive. You’ll also be more likely get a sexually transmitted disease from a prisoner.
  • Talking to a prisoner could be morally wrong, depending on your intentions. Being more spiritual can help you do the right thing and live a more meaningful life. Prayer, meditation and yoga are useful spiritual techniques you can practice on a regular basis. You can even attend church services if you’d like.
  • Volunteering can bring meaning and a sense of purpose into your life. Besides this, you can help those less fortunate than yourself. You can volunteer to get justice for others, train to be a counselor, write letters to prisoners and more. Visit websites like Volunteermatch to find opportunities online or in your area.
  • Considering getting involved with a prisoner may be a sign that you’re not living a positive, healthy lifestyle. To be more positive, you can practice self-care on a regular basis. This means taking care of your mind, body and spirit by eating healthy, exercising, setting positive goals for yourself and making a commitment to accomplish them, and being spiritual among others.
  • If the person you date is too old to date a teenager, he and maybe you, will be breaking the law.


  • In what ways do you deserve to live a meaningful life filled with people who genuinely care about you, a career you love and many other positive things?
  • How can you make sure to do the right thing whenever possible so you don’t ruin your life?
  • How can you make sure you’re never fooled by guys who might be a waste of time or even dangerous?
  • In what ways can having fun now have serious consequences later?
  • How would you feel if your ideal boyfriend walked by while you were communicating with a prisoner?