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I’m Failing English

By October 29, 2022No Comments

I’m failing English. Idk what to do rn. This is really stressful.

Help Yourself

  • It must be hard stressing about your grades!  Thank you for reaching out to Teen Central for support.
  • First, have you identified why you’re failing your English class?  Is it not understanding the content, lack of interest, not completing the work, test anxiety, attendance, etc.?
  • In order to work on a solution, it helps to understand where the problem is coming from.  Once you have identified the cause of your failing grade, then you can start working on ways to bring it up.

Consider This

  • Depending on why you’re failing English class, what can you do to work on the situation?  Can you attend class more? Do you need to put more time into your homework?
  • You may want to try talking with your teacher and asking what options you have for raising your grade.  Do you need a tutor?  Can you get extra credit? Ask for help, see if someone like a parent or even a peer who excels at English can read over your homework prior to turning it in. A second pair of eyes is always helpful.
  • If the issue is homework, do you need to change up your homework routine so you can get more accomplished. Would it help to write things down, perhaps a visual calendar in your room or a planner. Can you take notes or read over a peer’s notes or better yet, study with a peer.
  • Have you talked with your family about what they can do to support you?