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I’m overwhelmed

By September 1, 2022No Comments

I hurt, I overshare, I dissociate, I have therapy 2x a week. I can’t do school anymore. My one “friend” has been acting so bitchy lately and she’s rubbing onto this SUPER sweet girl in my class now and they’re both making fun of me and I hate it. And the worst thing is that I can never tell if they’re joking or being mean. I barely have any friends at school anyways. I tried to tell all my teachers I can’t do school anymore and all they told me was that I was smart. Um, excuse me no I can’t emotionally do school. I didn’t finish school last year because of hospitals. I want to go to residential treatment cause I can’t function anywhere anymore. I know it sounds weird to want that… I feel hurt, hatred toward myself, unsafe, unstable, insecure, confused, tense left out depressed exhausted numb anxious taken advantage of, terrified overwhelmed imposter uncontrollable threatened insignificant embarrassed avoidance… I just can’t right now. I’m so overwhelmed and nothing is helping…


  • First, take a deep breath. It’s okay to not be okay. You’ve already done a good job by recognizing your struggles and reaching out for help. That takes a lot of strength and courage on your part.
  • If you are feeling unsafe, please reach out for support immediately. Under the “Help” tab we have several text/phone lines that you can use 24/7 to talk to a live person.
  • It sounds like you have a lot going on. Sometimes when people are overwhelmed, it becomes natural to try and find an escape from it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fix the underlying issues. During rough times, we need more supports around us. You mentioned you don’t feel like you have many friends at school but are there other’s in your life that you can talk to about what you’re going through? It could be positive friends outside of school, trusted family members or other adults such as a guidance counselor. Just having someone to talk to can help us feel not so alone.


  • Sometimes when people have a lot going on that’s overwhelming them, it can help to write down those thoughts to get them out. Have you ever tried journaling or making a list of what’s going on in your head?
  • When struggling, it’s really important to have coping skills or other things that can calm you down during rough moments. What are your coping skills?
  • When it feels like everything around you is hard or bad, it can be helpful to take a step back and focus on the things and people that do make you feel happy and safe. What are the hobbies in your life that bring you joy and comfort? Who are the people you can surround yourself with that make you feel safe and supported?