I’m thinking about killing myself

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I really have no other option. My friends are fake. One of them called me a rat because I was hanging out with my other friend. The one that called me a rat guilt tripped me into buying something for her when I didn’t really want to. She kept begging and made me feel bad if I didn’t. Another friend I have supports a politician that is against me. Aka, said politician is racist and homophobic, and I’m bisexual. So, you can see why it’s confusing whether I wanna be her friend or not. She’s nice, and cool, or whatever but she supports him so it’s confusing.

My family is just a whole level. My mom never has enough time for me even though she spends hours just playing candy crush or something. My dad is driving me insane because he doesn’t care about me but acts like he does. My brothers are both racist and homophobic and say slurs. Everyone tells me to try and bond with them, but I don’t want to. I don’t want anything to do with them. I wish I had a different family.

That’s why I plan on killing myself.

{Some explicit content removed for the protection of all involved}


  • I am glad you reached out to TeenCentral about your really serious struggles. We need you to seek out safety RIGHT AWAY. What that means is, find the nearest adult to you at this very moment and ask for help. If you are not around anyone who can help you, call 911 or a crisis help line and tell them about your plan.There are many Hotlines listed on the TeenCentral HELP tab if you don’t know which one to call. We would suggest the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255  Contact one of these immediately. We want you to stay alive. Reach out to someone. Now.
  • It takes a lot of strength to seek help when you are feeling this dark. This is only the first step on your journey. You need support in your life that may be beyond what TeenCentral can offer you at this moment. This help may come in many different ways, just know the people around you only have your well-being in mind.


  • After you have gotten the help you need and you are ready to seek out some resources, we encourage you to come back to TeenCentral for some information. Depression can be really hard to navigate for young people. TeenCentral does have some resources that might be helpful in your journey. You can learn more about Depression, Suicide, and many other topics.
  • If you are ever feeling alone and overwhelmed, one of the most important things you can have is a support plan. Who can you go to for help? Click here to find a tool that can help you recognize the signs and symptoms when you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed. This will remind you of what you can do to help yourself and who you can go to for support when you need it. We all need help in navigating some of our feelings. It’s ok to ask for that support. We want you to be here.
  • Another great resource is a recent What’s New blog seen on TeenCentral “How to Talk about Suicide” which contains many resources which could interest you. We will be here waiting for you after you’ve made yourself safe. Sending you all things light and hopeful for that journey.