In desperate need of help in my life

In desperate need of help in my life

Here is my story/timeline over the course of the five years. During the fall after graduating from high school, I met this guy who I absolutely fell in love with. We fell in love hard and very rapidly. He was this guy from another country and one day, he told me due to having legal issues I didn’t quite understand at the time, he would have to go back to his country. However, he told me in order for us to stay together, he asked for my hand in marriage. I was young and naive at the time, but I said yes. Well, over the course of 5 years, our first son we had together during the first year of marriage passed away, a year later (after developing severe depression, anger, and anxiety issues) got into a nasty fight with my spouse at the time which resulted in myself getting arrested for a Class A Misdemeanor, got into this really bad pattern of either resigning or losing the numerous jobs that I’ve had, an ugly divorce which resulted in me losing the first house we had bought together and going bankrupt, my first spouse using me to gain legal status, going through severe medical issues from all the stress and just not taking care of myself, and attempting suicide. I also nearly went homeless. I met my new spouse eventually whom I am still married to, but I am having an extremely hard time getting over the traumatic past I’ve faced, and trying to gain and keep a job. I need help because I am so riddled with depression still and it’s been two years with no luck of finding a job because of the horrible past I have.


  • Thank you for reaching out to TeenCentral. You are a strong individual who has dealt with so much in their life and continues to push through to find peace again and know that you will find that.
  • Visit your local courthouse, county government center and community center and ask about the resources available to fit your current needs. They would be able to give you access to contacting a counselor/therapist and even let you know about job workshops that are offered around your city that are geared to those with a criminal record. Don’t let the your charge discourage you from finding a job. You will find something that is meant for you!
  • Speak to a trusted individual in your life about your current needs and see if they are willing to help you out with anything. The possibility of them knowing of a job opportunity or just giving you good advise is endless.
  • Majority of the time people who have gone  through a lot in their past struggle with the future. You are not alone but it all starts with you to make it better. Incorporate some of your favorite activities into your life and slowly you’ll start to feel better. It is know to bring positive changes the moment you decide to do what they love most. Remember to care of yourself, you deserve peace and happiness!
  • Visir the TeenCentral page and click on the Tools Tab. Once you’ve reached the page click on the Support Plan Resource and begin to direct yourself to the best help you can give yourself.


  • In what ways your your current partner supportive about your overall situation?
  • What are some of your favorite things to do that would help bring out a happier you?
  • What jobs have you applied for most recently? Have you contacted them since your submitted your application to get a status on the process?