Is my mom toxic?

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Every time she gets in an argument with her boyfriend she comes where I am to start an argument. Like for example today her and her boyfriend got in an argument and she came out and looked around and was like why didn’t you clean when I told you to? I told her I couldn’t because I’m in a zoom meeting and she got mad. Then she brought up that I was 30 minutes late to so I couldn’t go to my dad’s this weekend. She knows I love to go to my dad’s house. That’s really the only place I can go to she keeps me cooped up in this stupid house. It’s like she likes to keep me in the house all miserable and depressed. Like she says you and the mouth is gone keep you in this house for ever and it’s like you like to be in the house miserable…I don’t even talk back. Well sometimes, but she makes it so hard not to. She yells and yells for hours straight and most of the time I be try to plead my case or whatever it’s called


  • Issues between family members can be very complicated. Relationships between loved ones living together have been tested these last few months because of being stuck at home. These upsetting feelings are normal and you are not alone. Thank you for reaching out to the Teen Central community for support. It’s brave of you to share your story.
  • If you ever feel like you are in immediate danger, or your relationships with your family ever turns violent, always reach out for assistance right away. If it is an emergency, call 911 or text the Crisis Textline at 741 741. This is important for your safety.
  • I know you feel like you can’t talk to your mom, but is there anyone in your life that you can rely on to vent to? This could be a sibling, a neighbor or a positive friend. It is always helpful to talk these things through with someone who can relate to you.


  • Here’s an idea; since you may be feeling sad and frustrated being at home, try some positive talk. In the TOOLS section on Teen Central, try downloading the tool called “Daily Positive Reminder”. When our mind is in a better place, our communication skills tend to be better. Remind yourself how great you really are.
  • You know what else might help organize your thoughts when or if you decide to tell your mom how you feel? Writing all of those thoughts and feelings down on paper. Sometimes we have a lot of big emotions and they don’t always come out the way we want them to when we are angry. Writing down the main points that you want to express will keep the conversation focused.
  • Or, if you aren’t feeling ready to tell your mom some of your frustrations (about not seeing your dad or fighting with her bf), writing her a letter might help. You can give it to her… or not give it her, but what would you want to say to her?