I’ve Been Dealing..

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I’ve been dealing with a lot of depression lately. I haven’t been taking my medication just because I never really cared for it but seeing that my emotions are getting worse now I don’t know what to do. My plan is to go back on my medication but it’s a wait and on top of that, I got put on probation yesterday and I have 0,0 friends that I can express my feelings to and I hate it.


  • It’s great that you are using this website and trying to reach out instead of keeping these thoughts to yourself. Just know that there is always someone you can speak to and this is a great first start!
  • Try finding a trusted adult like your favorite teacher, a family member or even your school’s guidance counselor to speak about your feelings instead of keeping it to yourself.
  • In times like this, it is good to find stress relievers like getting into a hobby, whether that’s playing video games or riding a bike that may help until you can go back on your medication.
  • Refer to TeenCentral’s Depression Section under the Learn Tab from the main home screen and check out some of the ways to help deal with depression.


  • Visit the Wellness tab for more ideas that may help you get through this tough time.
  • Join a club or youth group in your area so that you can build friendships that can help you feel less alone.
  • Do you have a family member that you could talk to and possibly spend more time with?