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Feeling lonely and trapped inside my own bubble, trying to escape from it but can’t and feeling hopeless is always a stuck feeling feeling this way makes me want to scream into a pillow every day. It’s hard sometimes I feel like not going to school because I’m the old person out feeling like everyone hates me getting made fun of it really sucks I try to push through it but sometimes I can’t every day I’m terrified to go into my school because it’s overwhelming and there nothing to look forward to do. But I still can’t figure out if it’s just me not wanting to go to school or it’s my mental health issues getting to me then that making me not go to school. I mean I love school I’m going for child care but the class gets boring and nothing there to do and I can’t sit in one place for a long period of time but I guess I got to push myself harder till I snap out into a angry person and run out of the school. But one positive thing I do is think about my future and try to use coping skills if they are even a thing. So yeah here my story. Have a good day!


  • First, we would like to thank you for having the courage to write into TeenCentral! Going through difficult experiences can be hard and you should be proud that you are reaching out for help.
  • One tab that might be helpful for you is if you hover over the Learn tab and click on Anxiety. This page talks about different types of anxiety, signs and symptoms, and different warning indicators that may be insightful for you!
  • Another thing that could be helpful for you is to talk to someone in person. Do you have a trusted teacher, guidance counselor, coach, religious leader, or family member that you could talk to? Talking to someone in person can sometimes feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and they may be able to relate to what you are going through.


  • One resource we have on TeenCentral is our Making Hard Decisions paper. It seems like you are struggling with making decisions in regard to your schooling, using this paper could be beneficial because it could reveal your deeper thoughts/wants. Click here to review over the decision-making process and even print out our paper!
  • Another item that could help you with your anxiety at school is utilizing coping skills during school. If sitting in one place is too hard during class try to use a fidget cube, fiddle with a pen, or another coping skill to help keep you grounded during class. What you could also do is talk to the teacher and ask if you can sit in the back of the classroom so that if you need to get up and stretch you are not as much as a distraction!